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Studies show that activities like sewing reduce heart and blood pressure rates and promote relaxation in a way the Home Sewing Association says may be better than therapy.

Our team of experts agrees. With more than 70 years of professional experience between them, they know first-hand the benefits of daily creativity and the relaxation that occurs when absorbed in a task.

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Paula Gamester, Director

                  About Paula, the founder of Connector Media CIC Social Enterprise and Co-founder and Director of The Sewing Rooms

My work has taken me to many places around the world, and I have established several successful businesses, both here in the UK and in Dubai UAE.

I have strong links with the social enterprise community in the UK and India and have been invited to travel across both countries to see first hand how social enterprises are transforming the lives of millions.

My particular specialism is in the development and expansion of the commercial aspects of social enterprises, ultimately bringing about the sustainability of the organisation and its social activities.

I have served as a board member of the prestigious Blackburne House Group, and most recently headed up an enterprise within the Group that has responsibility for more than £1million in turnover. I work very closely with Claire Dove, chief executive of BHG and chair of SEUK, in this work.

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Maureen Fazal, Director

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