Using social impact for commercial sustainability

Many larger organisations are eager to find ways to give back to local communities while many charity and social enterprise organisations seek paths for expansion, yet neither know exactly how to meet the other. In such cases, social impact reports can be extremely helpful in bridging that information gap.

The Sewing Rooms discovered this recently after the social impact report written by Founder and Director Paula Gamester led to a new contract with commercial organisation Panaz. Paula expanded on the report when she gave a presentation to Panaz staff, and it was hearing directly from the Sewing Rooms’ team that made the effects of their contribution come to life for Panaz.

As the Panaz team said, “Knowing that in some small way we can help make a difference is highly valued by Panaz and its staff.”

This type of successful collaboration has been used as a case study by SEE Rural, a collaborative project between the University of Cumbria, Manchester Metropolitan University and Edge Hill University looking at social enterprise and entrepreneurship in rural communities.

The SEE Rural project team said, “We were especially interested in working with social enterprises that people can learn from, so we were delighted to hear the story of The Sewing Rooms and the impact they make on a daily basis.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Paula as she has been so helpful and cooperative throughout, providing us with great content! There is now a lesson on the SEE Rural platform based upon The Sewing Rooms and a written case study about the enterprise.”

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