Launch of the Sewing Rooms Halton!

Launch of Well Halton
October 2017 saw the grand opening of The Sewing Rooms Halton celebrated with an afternoon tea, fashion show, presentation by Lord Andrew Mawson (Chairman of Well North) and a variety of sewing activities.

Chris Carlin, Well Halton Project Manager, said, “We’re about changing from expecting the medical world to deal with social problems and social illnesses to where we can deal with them with social prescriptions. And THIS is a brilliant social prescription.”

In his speech, Lord Mawson said, “Entrepreneurial cultures are all about people; it’s not about structures, processes and policies and all that stuff!

“The future is all about people and relationships. We live in an enterprise economy now here in Britain. And if we’re going to have a future, we’re going to have to stand on our own feet and go for it.”