Making an empowering and powerful difference

Dr Iyabo Fatimilehin, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, visited The Sewing Rooms at the Edith Rigby Bail Hostel to observe the sewing workshops in action.

“I was extremely impressed with the session and with the impact the sewing classes have on the self-esteem and self-perception of the women.

“Their personal stories indicated that most of them had life experiences that had left them with a low sense of self-worth.”

He noted in his review that the combination of learning while being creative “allowed them to connect to a positive vision of their future; the impact of this on their mental health and well-being will be significant.” He also noted that a major advantage of The Sewing Rooms’ approach is that “it is non-stigmatising.”

By encouraging participants in The Sewing Rooms workshops to see the potential for future employment in these lines of work, Dr Fatimilehin said that “This approach is empowering, and I have little doubt that the benefits of the sewing sessions will have ripple effects and impact on the next generation.”

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