This has been an important component of our social business since the very start. We sell a variety of upcycled and bespoke products created by our manufacturing department, including reupholstered chairs and sofas, made-to-order curtains, soft furnishings and accessories such as scarves and bags. We use the beautiful fabric donated to us by Panaz for many of these projects and were shocked and dismayed when news broke of the wastefulness of some of the fashion industry’s giants. We have saved thousands of kilograms of fabric from landfill and when possible, we hire local craftspeople who have completed one or more of our sewing and upholstery courses.

As ever, if you’re looking for a gift, we’d love to help. We have myriad upcycled products available and even more ideas, and if we can’t provide you with what you’re looking for, we can put you in touch with other social businesses who may be able to help!

One of the social enterprises we have been working with is Kitty’s Laundry! We’ve made their lovely bags and can’t wait to see the business prosper!