An outstanding success

Following completion of the first of our sewing programmes that are held in Edith Rigby House, Preston – a bail hostel for women either awaiting custodial sentences or waiting to be released from prison – we received fantastic confirmation of our belief in the transformative power of creativity and sewing.

A Lancashire Probation Service Hostel Manager said, “I wanted to offer some feedback on the sewing project you implemented at Edith Rigby House.

“The sewing project was an outstanding success!

“Residents engaged in purposeful activity and spoke very highly of their experience.

“The project was a success on many levels – the impact it had on the women’s mood was almost immediately noticeable. Even more importantly, the project improved the women’s employability.

“And most importantly, the project had a therapeutic effect. It helped many of the women deal with their emotional issues. Many of the women have had issues with self-harm, depression and anxiety.

“Additionally, the women involved in the project were able to contribute to helping others by engaging in the Dress A Child From Around the World campaign, and that work really inspired them.”

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